D.I.Y.: 90’s Grunge Tights

Every time I wear these tights I get so many compliments! And the number one question I’m asked is “Where did you get those?!” Well, the answer is: I made them. They were just an old cheap pair of pantyhose that I had that were about $2 for a 4 pack from walmart (for when I attempted to look business-y, or just because I was cold). And being cheap pantyhose they easily get runs in them.
So of course, me being me, I snag them and then shove them away in my drawer. Another thing I’m terrible at is throwing away ruined clothes. So they sat in my drawer for a few months until the perfect opportunity arose: a 90’s themed party. (I was in college then so it was acceptable to go to themed parties, don’t give me that eye roll).
So, also me being me, I cannot dress as Britney Spears in her prime. Nor take part in the Spice Girls look-a-likes. I had to be a 90’s grunge child from the Nirvana days. My people! And here is how my beautiful, grunged tights were born:
  1. I drug my old tights out, with the single snag and put them on.
  2. Grab some sand paper and drag it up and down your tights, to make new holes and runs. On the front and the back. You don’t want to look like a weird-o!
  3. Set the sand paper down and pull up and outward on your tights to make the holes and snags bigger.

Voila! You’ve just created 90’s grunge tights in less time than it took you to read this entry! You’re welcome.

Send me pictures of your grunge-y tights if you make a pair! Or share your experience with me in the comments!



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