I know… I’m really punny! So, I’ve decided to use “Oh My Gad” posts to highlight things I love. Or things I just think are too cool that they deserve to be talked about.

I’m a hairdresser in training, or as my school likes to call it: future professional. Obviously it is my goal to one day work as a hairdresser. The ultimate goal is to travel with a band/singer/performer and be their personal hairdresser and makeup artist (if it applies).

BUT! If I were given the opportunity to work in any salon, in the history of ever, I would choose Bleach London.

They’re a salon located in, you guessed it, London, England! (just a small hop, jump, and a skip over the pond for me…) Bleach is still quite a young salon, but it is recognized by so many! It started out of their founder, Alex Brownsell’s home. Where she was cutting and coloring her friends and family’s hair. But, she did things a bit differently. She liked playing with funky colors, almost in a DIY kind of style. Soon Alex’s house could no longer hold her growing clientele. So, she partnered up with Sam Teasdale and they decided to open shop in the back of WAH Nails.

Now, Bleach has it’s own free standing salon, along with a small four chair salon inside Topshop on Oxford. They are known for their “dippy” AKA dip-dye style colors. Another really cool fact is, they make their own hair color! Those cool funky colors? Yeah, they sit in glass bottles along the wall. And just this year they decided to launch their very own color line, shampoo, conditioner, hair mask and sprays for the public to purchase! So, if you live in the UK, lucky you, because it is available in Boots. Sadly, I cannot get my hands on ANY of it. Although I’m dying to (d’ya get it??)!!!

But, I can’t be too sad because I had the amazing opportunity to have my hair done at Bleach Topshop! You can read all about it on my tumblr from when I was traveling in London, here!
Of course, I had to get a classic dippy. The very lovely and talented Sapphire did an amazing job! This is where my love for blue hair started. Here’s a picture of us with my finished look:
Well, that’s all for my Oh My Gad moment! Y’all should definitely check out Bleach if you haven’t already.
All photos of Bleach logo, hairstyles and products are the property of Bleach London via http://bleachlondon.co.uk .
Photo of Sapphire and I is a personal photo via me.

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