OH MY GAD: Meero Mani Nails!

(photo compliments of Megan’s Instagram)
So, I’ve been keeping these babies a secret for awhile. For no particular reason, besides wanting to write the best possible review because they absolutely deserve it! And I think these nails need to stay FAR from being a secret to the beauty world!
A few months ago, I was going through all of my social media outlets, as I do daily, and I noticed Meero Mani Nails had followed me on Twitter. Since starting the whole YouTube and Blogging thing I have numerous small name brands follow me daily; and I hate to say that normally I just ignore them and move on. But, MMN followed me on Instagram AND Pinterest, as well. You don’t just follow someone on all their social media, including Pinterest, unless you’re trying to get someone’s attention. And she sure did, so I started doing some research…

I found out that Meero Mani Nails is a brand spankin’ new company based right here in St. Louis. And wanting to work with local artists, this peaked my interest. But what REALLY caught my attention is how smart, innovative, and convenient they are.
But wait, what are they? They’re handmade, temporary nails! Yes, I’ll repeat that for you: handmade, temporary nails. HOW COOL!
(Photo compliments of Meero Mani Nails)
They really appeal to my lifestyle and I’m sure they’ll appeal to many of yours as well. I’m an on-the-go girl, so painting my nails is the last thing on my mind! Not to mention, being a hairstylist it is almost impossible not to ruin a manicure within 24 hours; my nails are constantly color stained. Meero Mani Nails are temporary nails that are so far ahead of the nail art curve here in the US.
For $20-$55 (depending on the design) you get a set of 20 nails, this way you can choose what size will perfectly fit your nails (if they’re still a bit big a nail file works wonders). They also come with sticky nail tabs, so you can wear the nails for a night and then take them off and save them for later. They’ll last you for months! I’d assume even years if you take care of them correctly. If you’re wanting them to wear them a little longer just grab some nail glue and they’ll last you all week. How convenient is that?? For me, it’s amazing because I can have a gorgeous manicure for the weekend, take them off during the week while I’m at work so they don’t get ruined, and then put them back on again for the next weekend. Or even save them for special events!
Needless to say, I reached out to Marsha, CEO and Founder of Meero Mani Nails and told her about my Halloween video and that I would love to feature her nails. Within days she had a custom set of nails right in my hands! The skill that this woman has is unreal. And for me, if I’m going to support a brand and promote it, it’s important to feel a connection to them. Marsha is a real person, with a family, and a day job. She’s just like all the rest of us but she has an amazing skill that, luckily, she’s decided to share with the rest of us. And it all started with a compliment on her nails because she used to make them for her personal use, only.
I see very big things happening for Meero Mani Nails. When I was in the UK over a year ago I saw nails like this all over the place! The UK is always lightyears ahead of the trends here. And it’s been impossible for me to get my hands on temporary nails over here in the US. But now, I have them right in my back yard!
I HIGHLY recommend these nails! It’s the best way to get your money’s worth out of a manicure. And they’re so easy to use! Because if I can put them on, anyone can!
To receive 10% off your purchase use discount code: OMGAD
It will be good through the end of this year, perfect to stock up on all your holiday nails!
If you’d like to check out MMN in person, Marsha will be at the Rock N Roll Craft Show, Thanksgiving weekend (Nov 28-30). Visit rocknrollcraftshow.com for information on tickets and location! There will be many handmade goods, live music, cash bar and fun!
Get your first set HERE
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(Corpse Bride photos by Domineque Nicole Photography)
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