OH MY GAD: Scandal Hits the Beauty Industry!

limecrimeA massive online scandal rocked the beauty industry a few weeks ago. It was so large that I would compare it to an 7.0+ earthquake! It all took place on, the once very popular, Limecrime cosmetics website.

If you’re a fan of makeup or enjoy following the beauty industry on Instagram, you’ve probably been exposed to Limecrime. Their Velvetine lip stains have been one of the most popular lipsticks in the industry for a few years. I was first exposed to Limecrime by a makeup artist on Instagram who was raving about how long lasting the lipsticks were, so of course I felt as though I needed all of them!

Buying anything online can be scary, especially buying makeup from a private seller. I was really weighing my options about making a purchase, but the colors of Velvetines I wanted were sold out, so I took that as my cue to wait. The next thing I knew, Limecrime’s website was down and there was a post on Instagram addressing the situation.

Doe Deere, creator and CEO of Limecrime, explained that there was a data breach and apologized if any of her client’s credit cards had been compromised. She said that she had a forensics team on the case and they were working quickly to get to the bottom of the situation. All of which seemed like she was taking the correct precautions. But, as I started to research more, purely because I’m nosy, I started reading threads saying that credit cards have been compromised over the years, and that the data breach happened weeks before she addressed the problem. Some even went so far as to say that it was all orchestrated by Doe, herself! My heart dropped for my fellow beauty lovers. Not only were their cards and identity compromised, but their trust!

I never want to talk ill about another artist or someone else in the beauty industry. Instead, I think we should take this as learning experience. As consumers, we should be doing thorough research on who we are giving our personal information to by making sure the website is safe. Anytime you’re going to put your credit card number online for a purchase, make sure the URL begins with “https,” the “s” at the end is supposed to mean that the website is secure. Secondly, we should be making sure that the company, or private seller, follows our personal code of ethics. I can love the look of the products, but if someone doesn’t follow my personal ethical code, I’m going to look elsewhere for something similar. Just like if you’re a vegan, you would never buy a product that practices animal testing! I’m a very loyal person, if you treat me well as a consumer, I will return the favor by giving your brand the respect and loyalty it deserves.

I want to let you all know, as a beauty blogger, I am not paid to talk about any products. The products that I list on my blog are purely because I have built a loyalty for them by their performance, the relationship I’ve built with that company, or their representatives. I created this blog as a safe and comfortable place to learn and share about the latest beauty trends. Your safety is the utmost importance to me and I would hope that I would never expose you to a brand who could compromise your well being or your relationship with me!

If you would like to learn more about the Limecrime scandal here are a few links:
Limecrime Uncensored – A safe thread to discuss the scandal
lianakayarr – Makeup Artists Boycott Limecrime
Oh Dear, Doe Deere – Doe Deere’s Professional Timeline

The opinions on these websites are their writers and not my own. I’m so sorry if the data breach affected any of you, personally. But, let’s move forward and use this as a lesson to us all.


6 thoughts on “OH MY GAD: Scandal Hits the Beauty Industry!

  1. After I discovered all the crazy ass stories about Doe Deere a couple years ago, I vowed to never again purchase from them. She seems to be absolutely psycho. I’d rather get my cosmetics from a company that doesn’t have a history of copy-catting, repackaging, lying, and attacking customers.

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  2. Lime Crime is what prompted me to create my own lipstick line. She’s been nothing but shady since before Lime Crime was even born. I mean, selling dresses that had been finished with duct tape? Thanks for getting the word out and excellent use of the opportunity to remind your followers of your personal ethics! ❤

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  3. Thank you! I think this industry should be about lifting one another up and showing support. It’s a beauty industry, and it should stay beautiful inside and out.


    • Oh, I definitely agree. That’s why I think it is so important to talk about things like this! Not everyone has our best interest… But hopefully this will bring forth those who DO have our best interests and we can throw our support their way.

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  4. This is probably one of the nicest reviews of the Lime Crime drama, that I’ve seen so far online. It’s nice that you don’t wish to speak ill of another brand, but I will personally never purchase from Lime Crime, simply due to the way that Doe Deere speaks to her customers online. Her lack of ethics is just one issue- she doesn’t seem to have decent manners towards her own clients, with all of these vicious comments online. I agree that as purchasers, we need to be more cautious of what sites we enter our details into. However, if we go to a brand’s official site, its understandable that customers should think that their details could be trusted with the company.


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