Long Hair, Don’t Care

Recently, I bought a new hair toy from BellamiHair.com: a wrap ponytail! I’ve really been struggling with the limited hairstyles I can rock with short hair. When I saw that they were only $39, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

I’m very pleased with my purchase of the 20″ Synthetic Mochachino to Blonde Ombre ponytail. And I figured I would share a few photos and a “How To” tutorial on how to apply it! Enjoy!

How to care for your Wrap Ponytail:

  • Wash in cool water with a gentle shampoo. Do NOT scrub, like you would when washing your scalp, be very gentle using a downward combing motion with your fingers. No Conditioner needed!
  • You only need to wash it every so often. If you want me to put a number on it, I would say after every 5-6 times you wear it.
  • Lay flat to dry. I recommend washing at night, so it can air dry while you get your beauty rest! It’s synthetic, so I wouldn’t risk putting too much heat to it, even though it is heat resistant.
  • Use a detangling brush or comb to smooth hair, only when it is completely dry! (I use my Tangle Teazer brush)

Any questions, concerns, or comments leave in the comment section below!


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