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I crack myself up! I couldn’t resist.. But for real. There’s been some DRAMA in the cosmetic industry lately. But I don’t want to talk about that just yet… let’s talk about some lip glosses! More specifically: Kylie Cosmetics lip kits and glosses.

Now, I’m not obsessed with the Kardashian/Jenner clan, as most people seem to be. I have never been one to buy into any of their products, so I definitely didn’t care when Kylie first launched her lip kits. I mean, does that family really need any more money?! Then the reviews kept rolling out and they were actually GOOD reviews! And I just so happened to be in the market for a new brown lipstick, so I gave in and bought my first lip kit: True Brown K (pictured below, left).

As much as it pains me to say this… I love them. My first experience with True Brown K has been pretty awesome, so far. It’s perfectly matte, lasts all day (even through lunch and dinner!), and it doesn’t make my lips feel dry and cracked after 2 hours. I’ve discovered that the trick with that is to fill in your entire lips with the creamy liner first, then coat with the matte lipstick. Moisturized and sealed! It is a pure velvet matte. The price isn’t bad either! You get a matte lipstick AND lip liner for $29, which is cheaper than buying a lipstick and liner at Sephora or a department store. The only thing I found to be a little outrageous was the price of shipping; which is $9 no matter where you live in the US or your order size. So it’s definitely better to order more than one product when purchasing. Everything else was sold out except True Brown so I had to pay $9 to have ONE lip kit shipped to my house in California (where they’re manufactured and shipped from).

But to be honest, the shipping price is one of my only complaints and I learned my lesson the first time! Her kits sell out FAST. I mean, within minutes! If you want to be the first to know when restocks are she posts it on her Kylie App, which I don’t plan to purchase. So I relied on friends who have the app, as well as the Kylie Cosmetics twitter and Instagram page (I do follow both of those!). So, needless to say I was prepared for the next restock. And this time she had launched her lip glosses. Since I was in love with my first lip kit I was going on good faith that her lip glosses would be equally as high quality. I oped to buy all three. She sells all three as a pack for $45, but it doesn’t save you any money ordering them in a bundle because they’re each priced at $15. It just makes ordering easier and quicker. BUT since I knew the shipping would be $9 no matter what, a friend and I went in on an order together! We both ordered all three glosses and then I also ordered the Koko K lip kit (pictured above right).


No, I’m not just saying, “Like, literally! So cute!” Those are the names of the three glosses! I’m obviously a very pale human being. My foundation is fair and sometimes it’s still too dark for me. I know, I know.. I live in California, but it’s not been tanning weather just yet! What I’m getting at is, all three colors look great on my skin tone. And I’ve seen them swatched on all different skin tones (check out her Instagram) and they look great on everyone from the palest of pale to the darkest of dark!

These glosses are FULLY pigmented. It’s not like a sheer gloss you throw over a lipstick (you can still layer over a lipstick, trust me, I do it all the time). They are very opaque so you can wear them alone or with a lip liner/lipstick/lip kit. I wear them all the time with out a liner or base color and they don’t bleed or run. First of all, they smell awesome! They smell like cocoa. And you can get a long wear out of them! Of course it’s not like the matte lip kits where you can wear them all day without reapplying, let’s be honest here: they’re glosses. But, you can get a good 3-4 hours out of one application if you don’t eat or drink anything during that time. The consistency is sticky, as one would expect with a long lasting, opaque lipgloss. It’s not the type of sticky where you feel like your mouth is glued shut or that your hair is going to get stuck if there’s a slight breeze, they are still very smooth and satin-like.

My only complaint about the glosses, because nothing is perfect, is the applicator. And no, I didn’t get the bad batch that Jeffree Star caused a big stink about. Mine were perfectly manufactured. But I prefer the soft applicators of the lip kits. I feel like they spread the product evenly and efficiently. The glosses a small bristle brush (pictured below, right) making it harder to apply quickly and efficiently. I was blessed with fuller lips (no injections here!) and I feel like it takes me two to three times as long as it should to apply the glosses with that brush. It’s not something I could quickly throw on and run out the door. And that’s why I purchase glosses: for a quick look! I like having something I can quickly pull out of my bag and throw on, maybe even without a mirror. But with this applicator there is no such thing, they must be meticulously painted on your pout.

kylie applicators

All in all, I love my purchases. I will say, my KoKo K is much more dry and a little crackly than my True Brown K. Which is a little disappointing. It’s definitely not a matte kit you can layer when retouching! But, as you can tell I have more good to say than bad. And the bad is so minor it’s easily overlooked as me just being entirely too picky. I do have to say, I think I am all Kylie Lip Kit and glossed out though. Considering they are manufactured in the same laboratory as Colour Pop, I’ll probably switch to the cheaper option. The only difference between Kylie Kits and Colour Pop is the smell and having her name plastered on the side, that’s why hers are more expensive. Seriously. That’s the only difference! Regardless, I do not regret my purchases! I think it was a great investment toward my cosmetic wardrobe.

Let me know in the comments below what you think! Have you tried Kylie? What’s your favorite matte lipstick or lip gloss?

You know you love me.


Glossip Girl



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