28A few weeks ago I had the awesome opportunity to work with Lauren Cram, St. Louis’s local creator and designer of VICTROLA, on the photoshoot for her latest collection. Although her designs can stand alone, once we got deeper into the shoot and I got to know Lauren I loved the designs even more! Lauren is a fun, energetic and outgoing gal but at the same time she created a comfortable, laid-back, and creative environment for us to work in. If this shoot couldn’t get any more personal, Lauren hosted it at her home!

So, who is she? And what is VICTROLA? Lauren is a nationally recognized fashion designer who lives vicariously through the alter-ego-of-a-clothing line that she’s concocted: VICTROLA. Bold, sassy and daring – Her designs take on the character she wishes she could be. And who doesn’t want to be that woman? With her keen eye for lush fabrics, strong silhouettes and great sense of style, VICTROLA is the perfect combination of pure girlishness with an edge. Which is DEFINITELY right up my alley! Continue reading


Happy Valentine’s Day!

First of all.. Welcome to my new and improved blog! I took a few months off, but that doesn’t mean I was just lounging around. I was working my little tail off to make a lot of improvements to Gadden Rose. I hope you like them!

Secondly, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Or Singles’ Awareness Day, OR Gal-entine’s Day (as Meero Mani Nails, informed me), whichever you are celebrating. In the spirit of things, I pulled inspiration from Kylie Jenner to create this fun, glittery Valentine’s Day look for you all! I hope you enjoy!

Oh My Gad! Shirt Kong!

Photography by Domineque Wold
Shirt by Shirt Kong
I’m all about living, shopping and playing local. So, a few months ago I ran across a screen printing company called Shirt Kong. And what a better place to show off my new purchase from them, than down by The Arch with local photographer, and good friend, Domineque Wold?!

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Summer Style

Summer is here! And you know what that means? Summer music festivals and outdoor concerts! Although Coachella has already come and gone, there are many more festivals sneaking up on us.

But, let’s be honest…outdoor concerts aren’t just about enjoying the music, they’re about showing off your funky fashion choices! Coachella tends to set the standard of what is “festival appropriate.” So why not mix it up a bit with some of your personal style? Continue reading