Long Hair, Don’t Care

Recently, I bought a new hair toy from BellamiHair.com: a wrap ponytail! I’ve really been struggling with the limited hairstyles I can rock with short hair. When I saw that they were only $39, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

I’m very pleased with my purchase of the 20″ Synthetic Mochachino to Blonde Ombre ponytail. And I figured I would share a few photos and a “How To” tutorial on how to apply it! Enjoy!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

First of all.. Welcome to my new and improved blog! I took a few months off, but that doesn’t mean I was just lounging around. I was working my little tail off to make a lot of improvements to Gadden Rose. I hope you like them!

Secondly, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Or Singles’ Awareness Day, OR Gal-entine’s Day (as Meero Mani Nails, informed me), whichever you are celebrating. In the spirit of things, I pulled inspiration from Kylie Jenner to create this fun, glittery Valentine’s Day look for you all! I hope you enjoy!

D.I.Y. : Sock Bun

I know this seems a bit behind the times. But, I still find sock buns to be very relevant. Especially with summer sneaking around the corner. Also, my pinterest post from ages ago (when I had an old, weird blog) keeps getting tons of pins! So, I figured why not post the old tutorial.

What you’ll need:
Sock, scissors, and a hair tie. No bobby pins needed!

For thin hair I suggest using pantyhose. For medium to thick hair use an above the ankle or taller sock. All you do is snip the toe and roll! If you have pantyhose, cut at both ends. I always say, “go big or go home,” so I used to use a knee high sock! And most importantly! Don’t forget to try and match your sock to your hair color.

Now that that’s done here’s how to create your sock bun look: Continue reading