Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink
Pretty in Pink by megcgad

Lately, I’ve been really into pinks. I can’t believe that sentence even left my mouth… But, since I’ve been makeup free on a daily basis, sometimes putting a full dramatic face on feels like too much. Even for me! Jeez. Who am I?!

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Skincare 101: My Daily Routine

Daily Skincare Routine

Daily Skincare Routine by megcgad

Let’s talk skin! There are so many reasons our skincare is important to our daily routine. First and foremost, skin is the largest organ of the body. That’s right, not all your organs are internal! Did you know the average weight of your skin is 8 pounds? That’s a lot of organ to take care of, especially if we’re wearing it on the outside! And since we wear it on the outside, it takes quite the beating while protecting everything we hold internally. So, our skin should be treated with care and respect. Continue reading

The Video on Fire

(photography by Megan Gad)

If any of you are as nerdy as I am, you went to see Hunger Games Mocking Jay Part 1 at midnight!

Not only am I a huge fan of the book and movie series, it holds sentimental value to me. When the first trailer released for Catching Fire I was automatically drawn to Katniss’s makeup look when entering the Capitol for the second time.

(Photograph from Hunger Games: Catching Fire)

I sat down in my living room behind my camera and filmed it, just for fun. It was my fourth YouTube tutorial and I was only expecting the 100 or so views I had been getting, up until this point. Boy did I wake up to the coolest surprise…. Continue reading

Grunge is Good

As I’m sure you’ve started to gather, I’m a 90’s kid. The grungier the better!

And there’s an artist I’ve been following that takes me right back to the 90’s! Her name is Halsey and she is quickly rising from underground to mainstream.

Her free download of New Americana was my summer anthem. And her new single, Ghost, is quick, witty, and sultry. Needless to say I’m waiting for her to call me to be her traveling hairstylist because I’m obsessed!

She’s been at the root of my inspiration for quite some time now, so I decided I should recreate one of my favorite looks of hers. Watch it here and click read more to find all of Halsey’s links!

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Lovin’ Lavender

Summer Lovin' Lavendar

Lavender has been making it’s debut as one of the hottest colors this summer. I love seeing everyone rocking some lavender locks! But my newest obsession is lavender lips!
Kat Von D released her new Studded Lipsticks and she has the perfect shade of pale lavender: Coven.
Summer Lovin’ Lavendar by megcgad featuring Coven

Daring Date Night

Date Night

This look has been my biggest hit so far!

I wore Kat Von D’s Studded Lipstick in Vampira to school one week, and I kid you not, the very next week everyone was wearing it! Students, instructors, the front desk attendants… EVERYONE! It’s one of those colors that looks slightly different on everyone, yet looks great with all skin tones!

I’m obsessed and it looks like everyone else is, as well.

Date Night by megcgad featuring Vampira